Hello everyone, on the path of a big split and future changes, of our era, I would like to say one thing - "We are alive, everything is fine with us."

As they said earlier "big changes are coming" and this is true, we are not sitting still. Today we have updated the design of the panel, as well as the system of Tickets and answers to them has changed. Let's go over the points that have been changed in general:
- Changed billing design ✅
- Updated equipment (everyone we did not transfer, sent a notification by email) ✅
- Added support via Telegram bot @karasiqsupport_bot✅ ,
- We raised the percentage when paying through Qiwi P2P by 2%, as we have increased the percentage for transfer✅ ,
- Added new tariffs (not yet displayed for everyone) ✅
- Disabled authorization through social networks. networks (long loading of the panel), as well as if you registered through any social. network, then recover your password by entering the email address to which the account was registered. ✅
- Launched our mini-forum (you can get in if you have an active service) ✅
- Added a page for monitoring the availability of our servers ✅

Well, what I want to say from myself. We work and it does not matter - hailstorms, tornadoes, shelling, in occupation or not - We continue to work for you and become stronger and stronger every day.

Further more. Everything will be fine.

In connection with the introduction of a 20% tax for citizens of Ukraine (starting from 01/01/2022), we are forced to announce that from 16.01.2022 prices for NAT VPS will be increased by 25% and will look like this:

Tariff NAT-VPS-512 0.59€/month Promotion price
Tariff NAT-VPS-1 1.29€ 1.69€/month
Tariff NAT-VPS-2 €1.89 €2.39/month
Tariff NAT-VPS-3 2.49€ 3.19€/month
Tariff NAT-VPS-4 3.39€ 4.29€/month
Tariff NAT-VPS-6 4.79€ 5.99€/month
Tariff NAT-VPS-8 6.39€ 8.29€/month
Tariff NAT-VPS-16 13.29€ 16.59€/month

Prices for Storage tariffs that have been transferred from MCHoster will also increase slightly:

Tariff MCH-VPS-ST-3 2.69€ 3.29€/month

The price for WEB servers marked PROMO (Issued when transferring from MCHoster) will also be increased, the prices will be as follows:

Tariff MCH-WEB-2-PROMO 0.35€ 0.56€/month

These prices will be updated on the website/panel in the near future. We are also preparing a huge line of VDS servers with dedicated IP, servers (with automatic issuance) as well as Dedicated from various data centers at nice prices. Processing of VDS and Dedicated will be manual and will take no more than 5 days. Additional information will be provided a little later.

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